27 June 2013


Terus maju ke hadapan.. 


Have a faith in God..~ (hero cite faith..)


Selalu rasa mcm ni..But then, i continue my journey of this amazing life..~

will YOU give me a chance to be here??..my childhood dream..


Never ever!

Protect & appreciate what u have..~

06 June 2013


I want to run away from this place
The place where my heart hurts so much, my feelings are so raw and
where I just feel so vulnerable I can barely function
I need to be somewhere new 

but I feel like I’m not supposed to leave
Moving is tough ANY time
So today I am going to run away

Run away from realities of it all
I don't know where I will go or how I will get there 
but these eyes, this mind and this heart just need a break.