21 February 2012


You Will Need:
   2 heaped cups of patience
   1 heart full of love
   1 dash of laughter
   1 board full of generosity finely chopped
   2 spoonfuls of understanding

What To Do:
   sprinkle generously with kindness
   add plenty of faith
   mix well with blessings
   cook with warmth
   spread over a period of a lifetime and serve everyone you meet <3

18 February 2012

Avril Lavigne


waking up, i see that everything is okay
the first time in my life, and now it's so great
slowing down, i look around, and i am so amazed
i think about the little things that make life great
i wouldn't change a thing about it
this is the best feeling
this innocence is brilliance
i hope that it will stay
this moment is perfect
please dont go away
i need you now
and i'll hold on to it
dont you let it pass you by
i found a place so safe, not a single tear
the first time in my life, and now it's so clear
feel calm, i belong; i'm so happy here
it's so strong, and now i let myself be sincere
i wouldn't change a thing about it
it's a state of bliss; you think you're dreaming
it's the happiness inside that you're feeling
it's so beautiful, it makes you wanna cry


there's nothin' i could say to you
nothin' i could ever do to make you see
what you mean to me
all the pain, the tears i cried
still, you never said goodbye
and now i know, how far you'd go
i know i let you down
but it's not like that now
this time i'll never let you go
i will be, all that you want
and get myself together
cause you keep me from falling apart
all my life, i'll be with you forever
to get you through the day
and make everything okay
i thought that i had everything
i didn't know what life could bring
but now i see, honestly
you're the one thing i got right
the only one i let inside
now i can breathe
cause you're here with me
and if i let you down
i'll turn it all around
cause i will never let you go
cause without you, i cant sleep

17 February 2012

menang lawan emosi~

Aturan hidup ini kadang penuh liku
Aku dihukum tanpa dasar yang kukuh
Apa yang telah aku lakukan
Sampai tegarnya kau memperlakukan aku sedemikian rupa
Aku dituduh bertubi-tubi
Tanpa difikirkan penjelasanku
Usahlah kau begitu mudah menghukum
Kelak kau yang akan merana
Kerana kau akan kehilangan sesuatu atas sifatmu itu
Cuma satu, apa pun yang terjadi
Tak mungkin aku lupakan kenangan antara kita
Kerana manis lagi banyak dari pahit
Sabar lagi indah dari melulu
Menang lawan emosi lagi lagi baik
Dari menang lawan egoistik
Maaf itu datang dengan banyak siratan tanggungan

15 February 2012


Alhamdu lillah...
almost 2 years i've been through it...
there's a moment that i love most..
but then..
there's a moment that hurt me most...
i don't want to face it again if i can..
i even don't want to remember it..
but it remains there as a memory...
whatever it is..
i'll stay here...
waiting for the dream to come true...
waiting for the last list of the present...
i hope the words are not just a word....
thanx for everything~

08 February 2012


both are the same~

02 February 2012


giv me some break...~
i'm not hoping that people will understand me...
enough just me to know it...